The new, completely redesigned, JELLYSTAR® 2014 cooking machine is ideally suited for processing all kinds of jellifying agents. The products are processed very gently and show a high quality in the finished product.

Due to its extremely compact design, specifically also designed for large throughputs, it results in a minimal space requirement compared to conventional coil cookers.
Small temperature differences can be realized by the high turbulence on the product side, which is a requirement for a low steam pressure demand.
The product will not come into contact with steam during the entire cooking process. The excellent heat transfer of the multiple steam-carrying pipes on the product and the high turbulence in the cooker are further characteristics ensuring a high-quality jelly product.

The advantages of the JELLYSTAR® cooker compared to conventional coil cookers are:

  • space-saving installation,
  • stable cooking temperature,
  • the product will not come into direct contact with the steam,
  • uniform product outlet,
  • optimal start-up and shutdown behaviour for short reaction times,
  • suitable for all common gelling agents,
  • low steam pressure requirement,
  • maximum heat exchange surface even in the smallest of spaces,
  • with CIP cleaning pump and cleaning cycle back to the reservoir tank,
  • adjustment of system pressure with pneumatic controlled pressure control valve and
  • construction without any dead spaces.


Flexible production line for processing of all gelling agents for the production of fruit gums and jellies, with the components JellyStar-Cooker®, Powder Blend and Jelly Blend.