Fruit gummies, jelly fruits, marshmallow & more

Costumers all over the world are using JELLYSTAR® systems to produce high-quality aerated or clear products, such as:

  • fruit gummies,
  • jelly fruits,
  • marshmallow,
  • and gumdrops as a dietary supplement.

The systems for the production of aerated and clear products are assembled from various individual units. The most frequently used are CONTIGRAV®, JELLYSTAR®, ROTAMAT® cooker, Jellyblend for dosing and TURBOMAT for aerating.

As jellifying agents agar-agar, gelatine, gum arabic, pectin, carrageen or starch can be used. Mixes of different jellifying agents are possible too.

It doesn't matter which products your market demands – our systems are always offering a customised and economical solution.