With our SUCROLINER®, for the first time, we managed to develop a fully integrated process unit, that processes all currently demanded confectionery masses with low residual water content.

While constructing, a particular emphasis has been placed on the following features:

  • hygienic design (EDHEC, GMP),
  • high availability,
  • easy maintenance and low availability losses in consequence of maintenance intervals,
  • diagnosis for predictive maintenance,
  • ready for industry 4.0,
  • quick installation of the unit in your plant due to assembly of all mechanic and electronic components on a frame,
  • central connection of all supply media (steam, water, electronics, compressed air)
  • fully integrated CIP cleaning

The output of the SUCROLINER® 1731 amounts to up to 1800 kg/h. Up to four different masses can be flavoured at the same time.

Due to the integrated design, both standard slurry and slurries with little or no additional water in the recipe can be processed. That enables the user to save steam energy. 
Another option is the 1731 as an NPA model, which can be operated without compressed air. 
For the processing of protein-containing masses, the system can be expanded while retaining the basic components. 

The SUCROLINER® 1731, naturally, also features the reliable CROSSFLOW® cookers, which have been developed further in recent years and have now almost become the industry standard.