Sweet Competence by Hänsel Processing:
Confectionery and process competence at the highest level

At home, in the crisp north of Germany

our whole love and attention is devoted to sweet things.

We love candy - this is reflected in the performance of our employees, in our machines and, ultimately, in our customer's economic success.

Our goal is to provide an above-average contribution to the added value within the agreed parameters for both single units and complete machine systems.

This means short changeover times, long maintenance intervals and, if necessary, uncomplicated and fast support. The user-friendly design of the machines gives the operational staff the possibility of continuously high performances after just a short training period.

We love candy - that is why we are always there for our customers. We do not only consider ourselves as a manufacturer of high-performance production plants but also as an internationally experienced company with flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths. That is reflected by an excellent worldwide sales team, experienced engineers and confectionery specialists, experienced mechanics and commissioning engineers and a well-developed service network. 


Process expert for the confectionery industry.

We love candy - that's why we are continually researching, developing and testing new recipes and candy creations together with our customers. It makes us happy when our costumer's products turn out to be the success we hoped for.

We continuously incorporate the approved results of our research and development into new and further developed machines, plants and processes.

Collectively, we are working on producing the best confectionery for our customers by our machines.

To make your sweet dreams come true.