Bars & Torrone

Confectionery manufacturers appreciate our broad system competence in the field of candy bar kitchen lines. Hänsel Processing systems are suited for excellent foam sugar products, torrone, candy bars and other aerated confectionery products as well as caramel toppings and granola bars.

Our systems are known for economical production and the highest quality standards all over the world.

Batch-wise, semi-continuous and continuous production is possible for:

  • aerated candy bar masses (with or without milk) on a foam or a granola basis,
  • halwa,
  • torrone or Nougat à la Montelimar.

For this purpose, the PLC controlled system units CONTIGRAV®, THERMOGRAV®, CROSSFLOW® cooker, SIEDOMAT®/TURBOMIX®, TURBOMAT®, UNIBATCH® batch cooker, ROTAMAT®, and CARAMASTER® for caramelisation, as well as downstream machines, will be configured depending on product requirement and customer request.

Our customers can rely on receiving a high-quality and economically operating manufacturing solution.