Hänsel Processing -
a piece of living industrial history in the confectionery industry

The roots of Hänsel Processing go back to the traditional company Otto Hänsel, which was founded in 1911 and, as one of the pioneers of German packaging machine construction, was based in Dresden-Freital from 1919.
An Otto Hänsel Foundation is still existing today at the Technical University of Dresden, whose aim is research and teaching in the field of processing machines and packaging technology.
In 1948, the "Hänsel-Junior-Spezialmaschinenfabrik" was founded in Hanover and in 1952, the company moved into its present production halls and offices on Lister Damm as Hänsel Processing GmbH.

Ever since, machines from Hänsel Processing have established well-known milestones in the development of confectionery manufacturing, such as:

1952 Double head candy wrapping machine
1972 Completion of the first Sucroliner®
1983 Continuously operating line for medical candies
1988 Process for the production of sugar-free products
1996 Introduction of the first JellyStar
1999 Development of the Strada 2000 as the first high-speed forming chain for hard candies
2002 Introduction of the JellyBlend
2003 Introduction of the Crossflow
2004 Development of the HFDIII as a new fondant machine
2005 Sucroliner for 4 t/h
2006 Launch of new generation of JellyStar
2007 Revolutionary development of the forming chain die for burr-free forming
2008 Sucroliner 1700 with cost and space-saving features
2010 Sustainable and energy-saving company policy transferred from the machine to the office building
2011 100th anniversary of Hänsel
2014 Turbomat - new design
2018 Possehl Group takes over the majority of the company's shares
2020 Development of the Sucroliner 1731
- the new Lab+ line is launched successfully
- new generation of candy cooling: HKB3030
- remarkable energy savings with the new ECO+ temperature control belt

Over the past 30 years, Hänsel Processing has consequently specialised more and more in process technology and is now one of the leading suppliers to the confectionery industry.

To get to know the world of the Possehl Group, please visit the website www.possehl.de.