Nutraceuticals & OTC supplements

Confectionery with supplements offer vital-biological benefits for the human organism. This relatively young product group is increasingly taking over the function of conventional food supplements. Hänsel Processing followed the approach of incorporating active ingredients with health benefits into functional confectionery, such as fruit gums and hard candies, at an early stage.

Hänsel Processing is happy to assist you with the supply of high-quality production equipment for the manufacture of your OTC products.

Our plants process OTC supplements and nutraceuticals in both liquid and powder form. We pay particular attention to the timing of the addition of the sensitive raw materials - as early as necessary and as late as possible. This enables us to avoid thermal stress and, as a result, possible destruction of the important active ingredients. Through intelligently designed plant configurations, we enable the shortest possible interruptions during product changes. Numerous successfully completed projects give us the experience to realise products with supplements and to satisfy our customers with the highest demands.

Use the effect of vitamins, nutraceuticals and OTC supplements to enrich your confectionery with additional health benefits. For the development of your new products, our CandyLab offers a continuous lab line  with the know-how of our experienced technologists for your product development.

  • Direct transferability of parameters from the development phase to the production plant
  • Lowest raw material input at a throughput of only 8 - 30 kg/h
  • Illustration of all process steps according to the concept of the production plant