Weigh raw materials efficiently and dissolve raw materials efficiently

The adjustable CONTIGRAV® 1030 weighing system is characterized by its modular design, which allows for a vast range of recipes to be weighed accurate to the gram and thus ensures cost-efficiency.

A range of different dosing devices allows weighing granular, powdery as well as liquid components. In order to weigh the smallest components, separate dosing units on low cells are used. These allow the highest possible formula accuracy. This feature is of high impotance e.g. for active ingredients in the pharmaceutical sector or other high-quality additives.
With a CONTIGRAV® 1030, up to five different manufacturing lines can be fed at the same time. The maximum output is 8,000 kg / h-

As a further option the THERMOGRAV offers the possibility to dissolve granulated sugar or to process milk components. For this purpose, Teflon scrapers are used.