The CROSSFLOW® cooker is suitable for all sugar-glucose-slurries and can be used as a pre-cooker and final cooker. This cooker, with its unchallenged advantages, has by now almost completely replaced the traditional coil cooker.

The size of the cooker varies from 8 to 4,000 kg / h, which, especially with large throughputs, offers considerable space-saving advantages.

The CROSSFLOW® cooker is a tube-in-shell heat exchanger. The flow pattern is counter-current crossflow. The product flow is defined by means of several baffles, ensuring that all areas are equally passed through with the product. Due to the excellent heat transfer properties, it is possible to work with relatively low vapour pressure, since the temperature differences required for heat transfer are comparatively small.

The CROSSFLOW® cooker can also be used as a pressure dissolver. With initial total solids of 90 TS, the sugar crystals can be dissolved in a gentle and energy-saving way.

The CROSSFLOW® cooker comes with the following advantages compared to conventional cooking systems:

  • space-saving installation,
  • stable, very precise cooking temperature (+ / - 0.1 K),
  • uniform discharge into the vapour separation chamber,
  • high product quality,
  • short residence times,
  • gentle process,
  • optimal start-up and shutdown behaviour,
  • short response times,
  • fully automated start-up and shutdown as well as cleaning process available.