The universally applicable candy forming line STRADA®, (available in the versions 700, 1200, 1500 and 2000) is perfectly suited for forming hard and soft candies (filled or unfilled), toffees or chewing gums. Especially for our STRADA® 2000 series, the main priorities during development were user-friendliness, extended hygienic aspects, and high dimensional accuracy of the produced products and the durability of the components.


Batch roller HKR 2320 - The universally applicable batch roller is part of the STRADA® 700, 1200, 1500 and 2000 forming lines. The batch roller, entirely made of stainless steel and consisting of four conical rollers, is ideal for the exact realization of a uniform cone. The speed of the rollers, the inclination and the temperature of the heating elements are adjustable and can be stored  in the PLC. For filled candies, a slinger is recommended.


Rope sizer HZU 2630 - This machine is used in the forming lines STRADA® 700, 1200, 1500 and 2000 and ensures an exact strand calibration with its four or five pairs of levelling rollers. 

Each roller pair can be adjusted individually by an actuator with positioning control. These data are transferred to the controller and assigned to a specific product. By this, the operator is given the possibility to automatically apply the optimum parameters, which minimizes product losses during start-up. Individually heatable roller pairs with temperature additionally ensure stable conditions during operation. 

In the latest version of our rope sizer, additional emphasis is placed on user-friendliness, extended hygiene and work safety. 

In case of malfunctions, the mass is easily removable from the machine due to its accessible clearance height of 200mm. That meets today's requirements regarding cleanliness and safety at work entirely.  

Forming machine UP 2930 - This forming machine is individually applicable for all installation sizes. Depending on the desired strand speed, three different forming chain dies, varying from 50 - 200 rope metres/min, can be applied.

Due to its accessible design, the machine gives the possibility to change forming chains very quickly - i.e. within one minute. Accruing candy dust can be hygienically collected from the clearance area underneath the chains dies, and used for further processing afterwards.

The current parameters are recorded using an RFD chip and are available at any time when changing the forming chain dies. 

Seamless forming - In combination with the forming chain die, this unit offers the frequently requested option of producing seamless, high-filled candies. This also applies to specialities that are meant to be visibly packed in a blister. 

These forming chains are manufactured entirely by Hänsel Processing and are specially constructed for high speeds. Sophisticated production technology and material selection have reduced the wear to a minimum, leading to a very long service life of the forming chains.

Rope filling pump HSF 2402 / 2406 - Our rope filling pumps can be applied flexibly for all pumpable fillings, from low to high viscosity. Depending on the product properties, progressing cavity or lobe pumps can be used. The filling mass is injected into the front part of the sugar cone through a Teflon-coated filling tube. That leads to a technically optimal filling result and a delicious taste experience.