Combined variety

Hänsel Processing supplied a state-of-the-art automated production system for various confectionery masses for a new confectionery factory in Turkmenistan.

The requirement for the "kitchen" was the continuous production of jelly, fondant and toffee as well as nougat foam and soufflé in parallel production processes. These masses come together in different combinations at the same time in one point at up to 1300 kg per hour. Subsequent processing on a mogul depositing system produces individual products with or without fillings, as single or double-layer products.

The task with a very large product range was complex and challenging for the entire Hänsel Processing team and our customer. Having recently completed commissioning, the plant now supplies products to various markets in the Middle East and Far East (China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Afghanistan).

The plant includes a wide range of machines from the Hänsel Processing product portfolio:

Toffee, fondant

Central weighing station Thermograv® with continuous stove Rotamat® with caramelizer ...

Jelly, aerated masses

... as well as the HFD III® fondant machine and the Turbomat® aerating machine. The Unibatch® batch stove is available for the fillings.