A visual excursion to our hard candy SUCROLINER®

Our worldwide success is owed to the hard candy line SUCROLINER® – so it is natural that we want to put this line in the spotlight for you with a short and concise plant video.

For decades, our SUCROLINER® has been synonymous with the production of high-quality hard candies and covers a wide production range of 500 – 4000 kg/h, suitable for each demand. The hard candy system can be equipped with both the CrossFlow® and the Rotamat® cooker, depending on recipe and customer requirements. The products produced on our SUCROLINER® are characterized by a very small increase of invert sugar content, as the masses are treated gently, continuously and without long residence times. The result: high-quality hard candies, filled, unfilled, ventilated, laminated, sugar-free and medical. What more do you want? If we have made you curious, take the time for an entertaining, visual excursion to our SUCROLINER® – it's worth it!