The mega theme of Interpack 2023: Sustainability in the confectionery industry through CO2-neutral production.

The technical focus of recent years at Hänsel Processing and the highlight at the trade show booth was fully automated production using the example of OTC functional products, i.e. confectionery products that are added with vitamins or dietary supplements.

Hänsel Processing exhibited a machine at Interpack 2023 that is specifically designed for laboratory use. Manufacturers can use it very well to test small quantities and conduct their product development very close to production.

The special feature here is that the plant is intended specifically for customers who do not have a steam connection. This means that the plant can be operated entirely on electricity, which has never been done before on this scale. Electricity is used not only to power all the drives, but also to operate the temperature control units and the hot water circuits during cooking.

In addition, the machine also works without compressed air. Normally, all valves in such a system would be controlled pneumatically. In this machine, compressed air has now also been dispensed with and instead valves have been installed that operate electromagnetically.

"In short, just plug it in and go" is how Tomasz Miczynski, sums up the advantages in what would otherwise be a cost-intensive investment in peripherals. "And if a manufacturer then also has green electricity on the roof by means of its own solar cells, it is almost producing in a CO2-neutral way!"

Today, everyone is striving for a green label, which goes all the way back to the raw materials. Manufacturers expect this because consumer behavior is also changing in this direction.

For example, Hänsel Processing now also offers the option of no longer operating with steam, condensate and with gas, but rather to operate all systems only with electricity.