The digital competence of Hänsel Processing!

Many customer reports prove it: Collecting and evaluating production data with the Hänsel Processing Service app "Smart4Sweets" saves money and helps to make even demanding production processes a success.

"Our customers want to be able to access their plants directly from anywhere in the world to see production. Not only at the time of the query, but also during the night shift before, or even at the start of production three weeks ago," says Burkhard Jabs, Sales Manager USA, describing the expectations of many customers.

To describe the savings effects of predictive maintenance, it is worth taking a look at real-life situations: For example, there is a confectionery manufacturer from the USA that experienced infrequent but unscheduled malfunctions.

With the help of the collected data, machine downtimes interrupting the production process could be avoided, and maintenance could be carried out in the planned time periods.

With the app, we also offer comprehensive energy monitoring, which shows the electrical energy and steam consumption per kg of product.

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